Curatorial Projects
Clutch Gallery, Bratislava, SK
Range Gallery, Norfolk, VA

Student Work
New York Times: My Hometown
Alt Daily: Space and Place in Norfolk's Art District

Word Car: Medium, Ars Electronica
Artists and Machine Intelligence, Google (AMI)
Circle Training Club
Memories Can't Wait Symposium, ICP-Bard
The Postcard Collective
The Wall Archive
Rillito River Project
Parallel Play

What We Don't See, AMI
Photography and New Media, AFAD Catalog
AI Poetry Hits the Road, AMI
Sloane Collection, Hermitage Museum and Gardens
Exhibition Text, The World Has Turned
This That-Region Catalog
The Summer Issue Catalog, pg 6
Some Other Words for Duration Catalog
Ground|Water: The Art, Design and Science of a Dry River

Word Car: Fm4, Das Magazin
Sula Fyr Artist-in-Residence
Nobile & Amundsen: Final Transmission
Alt Daily: Friday Featured Artist
Tucson Weekly: GroundlWater Review
Artribune: The Wall (Archives) Arrives in Cremona
There, there @ Plusminusnula Galeria, Stanica
TA3 Interview: There, there
The Daily SK: Clutch Gallery
Blending: The Art of Documentation, pg 5
UA News Fulbright Article and Video
Corriere Fiorentino:La Residenza Degli Artisti
i. OVO: Christiana Caro, This That-Region, pg 26-30, 53-54
Art Slant: The Summer Issue
Blending: The Summer Issue, pg 4
LA Times : Locating Landscape
American Quarterly: New Topographics/Locating Landscape
Afterimage: Cartographic Postings (Curator, Locating Landscape)
Center for Creative Photography: Locating Landscape 
Art Daily: West and West